• Posted On: 19 February 2017
LOVE IS ALL   "Don't ever save anything for a special occasion. Being alive is the special occasion" - Mary Engelbreit Today whilst I was walking in the sunshine through the Yorkshire Dales National Park, my thoughts turned to this time last year, and I feel a need to acknowledge all that has occurred since that cold night of February18th, 2016, when a violent, severe brain haemorrhage in the left hemisphere of my husbands brain changed our lives forever. The photos that I have chosen to add to...

A very happy lady

  • Posted On: 19 September 2016
A very happy lady Delighted that this customer, absolutely loved her bespoke hire hat, she looked beautiful, very chic, the whole outfit was balanced and in harmony.  When a hat is worn it must always harmonise the look, not stand out and steal the show ! A well made hat needs to be comfortable, right size for the wearer, right fabric for the time of year and occasion, and very very important, the colour must match or blend with the whole outfit creating a harmonious balanced image. I am delighted...

The winds of change

  • Posted On: 31 May 2016

What to wear today?

  • Posted On: 28 April 2016
What to wear today? Following my husband Paul’s tragic brain haemorrhage on 18th February, 2016, my life is in transition. A transition which places me at risk of losing my personal identity as an individual, as everyone focuses on Paul and his rehabilitation, which is totally as it should be. In the last 8 weeks I have become ‘just’ Mrs Mellor; the loyal, faithful, hardworking wife who visits every day and is coping - so no need to bother with her. Behind the smile lies oceans of tears, pain, sadness, and quiet...