• Posted On: 19 February 2017


"Don't ever save anything for a special occasion. Being alive is the special occasion" - Mary Engelbreit

Today whilst I was walking in the sunshine through the Yorkshire Dales National Park, my thoughts turned to this time last year, and I feel a need to acknowledge all that has occurred since that cold night of February18th, 2016, when a violent, severe brain haemorrhage in the left hemisphere of my husbands brain changed our lives forever. The photos that I have chosen to add to this blog are so poignant which such deep significance, the message very clear ; "Life is to be lived, to be treasured every single minute, good and bad, it is all life"

This time last year I was sitting beside my husband's hospital bed in Intensive Care holding his hand, willing him to survive, watching and hearing the beeps of the many machines keeping him alive. The wonderful Doctors and Nurses worked tirelessly in their care of him, and also me with the numerous very welcome cups of tea. Simple acts of kindness that have left a life long memory..the young Doctor who gave me her phone charger to keep so that I could keep in contact with family, my parents who travelled an 8 hour journey to be by my side, my cousin Paul who dropped everything to support me, my son Myles,stepdaughter Natasha, sister Sara and Lorraine, Stuart and Hayley, and all the extended family from Huddersfield who came to my side as soon as I asked. Aunty Lyn whose beautiful voice brought a tear to Paul's eyes whilst in his sedated coma! It is all these acts of love and support, facebook messages, telephone calls, cards and letters that have left a lasting memory and are utterly priceless. It is this love that has healed us both and as Paul and I move forward with our lives, I realise that I have been holding Paul's heart in mine, sharing every step forwards with him, as he has surmounted all the challenges of learning how to walk again, to eat again, speak again, dress himself, and shave, simple acts that have profound meaning for us both, we have experienced such joy as each has been achieved.

Over this last year, much of my creative work has had to be placed on hold whilst I have been supporting Paul in his recovery, hence my lack of updates and blog articles. Paul is now fortunate to have a personal assistant who will be helping in his rehabilitation, this means that moving forward I am going to have more time to explore and develop my fibre design portfolio of gifts and accessories. I am very excited and enthusiastic, with new ideas to be created from my stock of fluffy local fleece,as Paul and I celebrate the joys of being fully alive in our wonderful home in tranquil Swaledale.

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