Funerals and Life Memorials

  • Posted On: 27 December 2017
Funerals and Life Memorials

To many of my friends and family, I am considered rather unusual, because, I find my work as an Independent  Funeral Celebrant very rewarding....

Life and Death are interlinked, you cannot have one without the other. Death is ever present in nature, in birth, our seasons, days and nights, our endings are beginnings, beginnings are endings, as the ever turning cycle of the year, carries us through the seasons of our lives.

As a Celtic Scholar, I celebrate our life cycles, in my bereavement counselling work. As a Funeral Celebrant I bring clarity and honour at times of departure, when our loved ones leave this earthly realm. I am privileged to have supported individuals, couples and families for over 35 years, at both the saddest and happiest times of their lives, as a nurse and now as an Independent Celebrant.

The provision of the right 'FAREWELL' for our loved ones, is one of the greatest and most important things that we can do, for those whose lives have come to an end. Celebrating a life lived, in the way that suits the deceased lifestyle, wishes, philosophy, principles and spiritual beliefs, is totally rewarding. The 'RIGHT' ceremony can be a green burial in a deep forest, a memorial on a mountain top, a tranquil ceremony in a garden or at home, in a favourite hotel, a meeting place, or a rural retreat, the list is endless..

All the Funerals that I organise and deliver, are memorable, beautiful, personal and what those involved actually 'WANT', secular or non secular, with or without music, poetry, readings...

Death is seldom discussed in our everyday lives, with many of us avoiding the issue, the issue being the one thing that  we all know will happen. How much better for all, when at the time we do depart, there is a plan in place, making things so much easier for those we love, that are left behind, as we take our final journey from this realm. 

Rosalie Marwood Mellor

Independent Celebrant for Funerals, Life Memorials and (Pre -need) Funeral planning.


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