2 more sleeps...

  • Posted On: 8 August 2018
2 more sleeps...

Hello to all,

We have just 2 more sleeps to go before our bed is placed in the skip,( local charity's do not want it) and we close the door on our present home in the tranquil Easby Valley, North Yorkshire. We have recycled 99% of our possessions to local charity associations, for the enjoyment of many, as Paul and I shed our past, and move forward to new horizons, aboard our very special Narrowboat, "Gently Bentley". 

We purchased Gently Bentley on 5th July, 2018 after 9 years of thinking about it, researching everything from, length, width, and narrow or widebeam, engine make and size, inverters, batteries, toilet pump out or cassette, on board wet rooms, central heating systems, window size and location, stern choices, and so much more. We have read numerous books and articles and with all this accumulated knowledge have actually made an informed decision and "DONE IT". 

We move into our new home on the 10th of August, and as I find writing extremely cathartic, I plan to reveal all the "joys of our new life on board, in this blog"... Please do follow our adventure and send any thoughts, comments, questions via the contact form, which I will endeavour to respond to as soon as internet signal allows!

Yours in the light of the season

Rosalie xxx

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