Independent Ceremony Designer and Celebrant... The details

Beautiful Ceremonies begin ....with your dreams and a very unique Celebrant, Ffion, a Celebrant that believes in the magic of life.....

I honour the joys and sorrows of life everyday, A nurse for 34 years, follower of a nature spirituality I have been witness to the circles and cycles of life, seen much, felt much, cried much, laughed much. I have been privileged to stand beside and support people from all walks of life at times of immense joy and deep sorrow, A ritual or ceremony provides an opportunity for transformation, for starting a fresh, to take the next step along life's path, an opportunity to pause, to create a lasting memory with loved ones by your side.

As your Celebrant I create a bespoke ceremony with you, designed to your wishes, in the place you want, with the words you want, time to celebrate your way. A spiritual ceremony touches your heart with empathy, assisting you in the creation of a very meaningful occasion, that enhances your life and leaves a beautiful warm memory with a little sprinkling of magic for good measure......

Ceremonies can be inclusive with aspects of many different faiths or totally non secular, it is entirely up to you,

Couples Ceremonies 

Weddings : Your Wedding Ceremony can be exactly how you want it. Once the legal requirements have been completed at a register office, you can have a really personal celebration that reflects your wishes as a couple with as many friends and family as you wish, in a location you want, in the middle of the Yorkshire Dales, besides a waterfall, in a special garden, hotel, your own home, besides a river, on a beach,. No licence is needed and the content can include religious or non religious content, symbolic elements, things that will make your day perfect.

Commitment Ceremonies:  A lovely way to celebrate your relationship without actually having a legal marriage.

Civil Partnership Ceremony: The same as a Wedding ceremony but for same sex couples, following a civil partnership in register office.

Renewal of Vows:  A ceremony to remake your vows from a previous wedding or civil partnership. A significant way to recognise an anniversary, or strengthen your relationship.

Naming Ceremonies:

New Baby, successful adoption, a baby's name is so very important, giving them an identity for the rest of their lives. A naming ceremony can be exactly as you wish, in any location, with as many or as few family and friends as you choose. No need for a register office or church service.A wonderful personal way to introduce your child into the family, community, and welcome your chosen supporting  adults, and make promises for your child's future upbringing. A very lovely way to send blessings and wishes to your special child.

Symbolic elements:

Personalise the ceremony by choosing a symbolic  element or two !  

  • A unique location 
  • Handfasting
  • Jumping the broom stick
  • Exchanging rings
  • Releasing Doves
  • Mixing the sands
  • Lighting a unity candle
  • Special poems, readings, prayers
  • Special music
  • Incense, anointing oils
  • Elemental blessings
  • Harp Music 
  • Storytelling


I am in the process of updating this part of my site. If your need is urgent please email or telephone.



Prices: Are available on request ranging from £250 - £550 depending on your requirements. I am always excited to discuss your dream ceremony, I am happy to meet or discuss your ideas on the telephone or in person FREE OF CHARGE, for you to establish that I am the ideal celebrant for your ceremony.

I look forward to your call......   FFION